Potty training: Your questions, answered

Potty training: Your questions, answered

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If you have a young child, chances are you have a question about potty training. What do you do if your child won't go near the potty? How do you deal with unwanted advice from your in-laws? And the number one query: When is a child ready to begin?

We've asked our two potty training experts – Dr. Edward R. Christophersen, a clincial psychologist and child development expert at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, and Meg Zweiback, pediatric nurse practitioner and author of Keys to Toilet Training (Barron's Parenting Keys Series) – to address some of the most frequently asked potty training questions. Follow the links below for their suggestions and advice.

The top six common problems

  • Frequent bed-wetting
  • Handling accidents
  • Won't have a bowel movement on the potty
  • Maintaining interest
  • Won't sit on the potty
  • Going to the bathroom in public places

Other frequently asked questions

  • How will we know she's ready?
  • When should we start?
  • What should we do?
  • How do we know when to back off?
  • Should we use laxatives to help soften our child's stools?
  • How often should we ask our child if she has to go to the bathroom?
  • How should I handle pressure from my parents and in-laws?
  • Will using cloth diapers make our child ready to train earlier?
  • When should we make the switch from diapers to training pants? To underwear?
  • Will using disposable training pants help?
  • Are girls really easier to train than boys?
  • How do we teach our son to pee standing up?



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