Gifts for expectant dads

Gifts for expectant dads

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He's going to be a daddy! Help him get in touch with his paternal instincts with these gifts that accent, inform, and inspire the beginning of a whole new stage in his life.

Books on fatherhood

His belly doesn't grow, and he doesn't get to feel the baby moving inside him. But you can help him get into the spirit of fatherhood with an inspiring book on being a dad. The Expectant Father, which guides dads-to-be month-by-month through pregnancy and thoughtfully prepares them for what lies ahead, is a popular choice.

The Expectant Father

Amazon Prime

"Fast free shipping" are perhaps the most beautiful three words a parent-to-be can hear when baby needs pop up suddenly like a game of Whac-A-Mole. He'll appreciate you making the whackin' of those moles easier, every time a box shows up with something very important inside. As a bonus, Prime comes with plenty of streaming content to encourage cozy nesting.

Amazon Prime

Dad-and-baby bonding books

Start his first-time-dad’s library off with wonderful books that emphasize the joys of fatherhood, like Jimmy Fallon's funny and tender investigation on just how dads manage to get their babies to say "Dada" first. If you'd like to deliver a box full of books (and maybe make the dad-to-be a little emotional as he imagines reading to his child someday soon), ask his parents what he liked to read most as a child, or quiz the dad himself.

Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada

A daddy & me outfit

No one, and we mean no one, will be able to resist taking a picture of Dad and his new best buddy dressed in matching ensembles, and the resulting shots will be family favorites even when your child's big enough to wear the daddy half of the set. If you really want to make a dad-to-be smile long-term, this is a fun way to do it.

Regional Manager & Assistant to the Regional Manager Matching Set

A reliable baby carrier

New babies love to be held close and secure, and a comfy baby carrier is the best way to do the job hands-free. The Ergobaby Omni 360 carrier works for babies from birth to up to 48 months or 45 pounds, whichever comes first, so your new dad can use it for a good, long while. It’s extravagantly padded and thoughtfully engineered as well, so he’ll find it comfortable the whole time, too.

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Carry-Positions Baby Carrier

A high-tech smart monitor

Parents are protective, and never have they had so much to protect. You can go old-school and buy a new dad a simple audio monitor, but imagine the peace of mind he’ll have with a modern monitor that hovers over the crib to give a nice, clear view of the baby that parents can tune into from anywhere with their phones. The Nanit also provides new parents with a useful data stream on how their baby slept: the quality of the sleep, how many times they woke up, and how many times mom or dad visited.

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

An easygoing diaper bag

He's going to have a lot to carry soon, and a diaper bag is uniquely set up to do it right, with side holsters for bottles, a changing pad with its own storage pocket, two easy-reach compartments on the front, and a zippered pouch to tuck away important items safely. The Skip Hop Dash comes with clips that fasten it neatly to the stroller, or wear it cross-body messenger style.

Skip Hop Dash Signature Messenger Diaper Bag

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