Gifts for new dads

Gifts for new dads

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You can't buy a new dad what he needs most – sleep is priceless – but you can help him celebrate the arrival of his baby with some choice gifts.

A reliable baby carrier

Get your favorite new dad excited about the adventure of fatherhood with a sturdy baby carrier for travel and errands, trips to the park, or just to hold onto the baby around the house. Adjustable to facing-out, facing-in, and back-carry positions, besides giving your baby the view he wants of the world around him, this carrier leaves Dad's hands free to open doors or grapple with a diaper bag. The Baby Tula Coast Explore holds babies from 7 to 45 pounds, no infant insert needed, has a front mesh panel that helps keep things cool, and boasts smart, sleek gender-neutral styling.

Baby Tula Coast Explore Mesh Baby Carrier

A zippy jogging stroller

Even if Dad isn't a runner, you can't go wrong with a sturdy jogging stroller. Look for thick tires that make for a smooth ride on any walk, whether it's a long one in the park or a short one around the neighborhood. BOB strollers are famously so tough and well-engineered, you can roll them down a beach and then hose them off in the yard afterwards. They also have a cargo basket big enough to fit lots of groceries or enough gear for a long, long day trip.

BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller

A rugged baby backpack

If the new parents are outdoorsy types or travelers, the comfiest way to carry babies on long treks are baby backpacks, which hitch onto your back like a rucksack and distribute the baby’s weight so the designated carrying parent doesn’t wind up with sore shoulders. This Clevr Canyonero Backpack has a huge built-in hood to keep the sun off your baby, and folds flat to easily slide into a closet or under a bed when not in use.

Clevr Canyonero Camping Baby Backpack

A child seat for his bike

If Dad's a biking enthusiast, no gift will make him happier than a baby bike seat with a matching baby bike helmet. This easy-to-install seat fastens to the center rail of the bike between the handlebars and seat post, so the child doesn’t have to stare at the driver’s back. It also has thick padding and a comfy place for your baby to prop up his feet.

WeeRide Kangaroo Center-Mounted Child Carrier for Bikes

High-octane instant coffee

Since babies aren’t exactly known for sleeping peacefully all night long, new parents have never needed coffee more -- and the time to make it has never been so scarce. Give them what they need, fast, with these easy instant packets that take a mere 10 seconds to dissolve in hot water, no coffee maker or grinder required. And they taste very nearly as good as the real thing.

Starbucks VIA Instant Italian Roast Dark Roast Coffee

Bottles with all the bells and whistles

Bottle feeding offers dads one of the best ways to bond with a new baby, so make it easier with a bottles-and-accessories combo that’ll get him off on the right foot. This set includes four Nanobebe Breastmilk Bottles, specially designed to make freezing and warming of breast milk more painless, along with extra nipples, travel covers, a warming bowl, and storage caps. It also has everything Dad needs to keep the bottles clean: a microwavable steam sterilizer and a compact drying rack to keep all the little parts organized.

Nanobebe Complete Newborn Baby Bottle Gift Set and Accessories

Available at Amazon

Amazon Prime

Babies need stuff, and when they need it, they need it now -- or as soon to now as possible. That’s what you’ll get with Amazon Prime. With free two-day shipping (and many times much faster), he’ll thank you every time exactly what he needs lands on his doorstep. Endless hours of streaming shows, music, and movies is an extra bonus.

Amazon Prime

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