Gifts for new moms

Gifts for new moms

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What does a new mom need? Short of a cook, a nanny, and a live-in massage therapist, she needs some time alone, up-to-date parenting information, and lots of support. For more tangible gift ideas, try these.

Great books to listen to

New-mom life can involve a lot of time cocooning at home while the baby is sleeping, so long-playing entertainment with little or no need for hands-on attention is simply wonderful. Audio books fit the bill perfectly: They last for hours, can be easily stopped or started at any time, and are like good friends at a time in her life when she may need some extra comfort.

Amazon Audible subscription

Coffee by the bucketful

New moms will gratefully appreciate both the physical pickup of a cup of coffee and the excuse to make a low-stakes trip out of the house. A specially made-to-order drink is a small indulgence that can make a parent's day.

Starbucks gift card

A stretchy snuggly wrap

The life of a new parent focuses pretty much pinpoint-precisely on one thing and one thing only: getting the baby to sleep and keeping her that way. Many quickly discover that one of the best ways to get the job done is to keep infants close and warm in a stretchy baby carrier. With her hands free and her baby happy, there's nothing a new mom can't do.

Moby Wrap

Support for feeding time

Breastfeeding succeeds when a new mom gets the support she needs from those around her. It also helps if she's comfortable. A nursing pillow positions the baby properly and supports a mom's back, arms, and elbows. C-shaped pillows like the Boppy can also double as a back support for the baby as he learns to sit up.

Boppy Original Nursing Pillow and Positioner

Useful information

Give a gift that keeps on giving. Parenting books and magazines help new moms out whenever they have a burning question about ear infections, colic, breastfeeding, behavior, and more. The Wonder Weeks is a parent-beloved classic that explains things like which brain-development tasks your baby is working on at any given time -- and spells out why your baby may be extra fussy during these times.

The Wonder Weeks: A Stress-Free Guide to Your Baby's Behavior (6th Edition)

A breastfeeding buddy

Many new moms have a dreadful moment when they realize none of their old clothes are really suitable for breastfeeding. Get her a comfy, easygoing basic like this nursing-friendly hoodie and she may not take it off for days at a time.

GINKANA Women's Nursing Hoodie

The perfect stay-at-home date

Time to cook meals is scarce for new parents, and restaurant food is tough on the waistline and the wallet. A DIY food kit like this one is the perfect solution, making it possible for time-starved parents to put together a home-cooked meal in half an hour or less. This same company offers other meal kits, including Italian truffle risotto and Moroccan shakshuka.

Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen Pantry Meal Kit Takeout Kit

A cool carryall

Just because she's a new mom doesn't mean she's thrown her sense of style out the window. A chic diaper bag filled with diapers, wipes, lotions, and other baby supplies is a practical — and fashionable — gift. Jujube bags are loved by new moms for their bright-colored linings (which make it easier to find your stuff inside) and big sturdy zipper pulls (which are easier to grab one-handed).

Jujube BFF bag

Being a new mom is hard! Treat yourself to our favorite comfy-cozy indulgences.

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