How much sleep do babies and toddlers need?

How much sleep do babies and toddlers need?

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Making sure your child gets enough sleep is typically a high priority for new parents. Here are general guidelines on how many hours of sleep the average baby and toddler require at various ages, but keep in mind that every child is different – some need more sleep than others. Also, be prepared for your little one's sleep patterns to fluctuate quite a bit as she develops and reaches new milestones.

How many hours of sleep does my baby or toddler need?

Age: Newborn
Nighttime: 8 1/2
Daytime: 8 1/2 (varied number of naps)
Average Total Sleep: 17

Age: 1 month
Nighttime: 9
Daytime: 8 (varied number of naps)
Average Total Sleep: 17

Age: 3 months
Nighttime: 10
Daytime Sleep: 6 (three naps)
Average Total Sleep: 16

Age: 6 months
Nighttime: 10
Daytime: 5 (two or three naps)
Average Total Sleep: 15

Age: 9 months
Nighttime: 11
Daytime: 3 1/2 (two naps)
Average Total Sleep: 14 1/2

Age: 12 months
Nighttime: 11
Daytime: 3 (two naps)
Average Total Sleep: 14

Age: 18 months
Nighttime: 11
Daytime: 2 1/2 (one nap)
Average Total Sleep: 13 1/2

How can I help my baby or toddler get enough sleep?

Coming up with a soothing nightly routine, setting an appropriate bedtime, and putting him to bed drowsy (but awake) can create the right sleep environment to help your child settle at night. When he rouses after dark, keep the lights dim, speak softly, and minimize your interaction so he doesn't fully wake up.

Schedule your child's naps and meals at the same times each day to get him used to being in a routine. This predictability helps him stay calm and happy, which makes it easier for him to settle down to sleep. (Note: Some doctors advise against letting babies take long afternoon naps on a regular basis because this can interfere with how deeply your baby sleeps at night.)

For more information on helping your baby sleep well, including how to encourage him to soothe himself to sleep, check out sleep basics for babies ages birth to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months, and 9 to 12 months.

To help your toddler establish healthy sleep habits, read our articles on 12- to 18-month-olds and 18- to 24-month-olds.

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