What's in a dream? During pregnancy, a lot

What's in a dream? During pregnancy, a lot

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Why are pregnancy dreams more vivid and memorable?

Dreams are like funhouse mirrors that reflect your emotional state. And considering pregnancy can feel like an emotional roller coaster, it's no surprise that your dreams may be more vivid and wild than usual. (A boost in the hormone progesterone during pregnancy could be a factor in causing those emotional ups and downs.)

If you're better able to recall your dreams now, you can chalk that up to pregnancy too. Most people remember only an occasional dream, even though we all dream every night.

But pregnant women typically wake up throughout night because of bladder pressure, anxiety, and other pregnancy sleep disturbances. And the more often your sleep is interrupted, the more likely you are to wake up with a dream fresh in your mind.

What your pregnancy dreams mean in each trimester

Some experts say that pregnancy dreams reflect your excitement, fear, and apprehension about the physical and emotional changes happening to you. They point to certain themes that they believe are common to each stage of pregnancy.

We asked psychologist and dream expert Patricia Garfield, author of Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams, to tell us what some common pregnancy dreams might mean.

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