Deciphering pregnancy dreams: First trimester

Deciphering pregnancy dreams: First trimester

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First you give birth to... your husband. Then you make a speedy getaway in a school bus! Finally, you're engulfed by a tidal wave.

Some dream images typically appear at certain stages of pregnancy. For help figuring out what your dreams might be telling you, read on. The following excerpts, adapted from Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams by psychologist Patricia Garfield, describe some common first-trimester dreams and their possible interpretations.

Anxiety about birth and motherhood

"I give birth to a full-grown child. He is like a miniature adult, dressed like an adult, and walking and talking like an adult."
Donna's dream during her first trimester

Many first-time mothers, when they discover they have conceived, dream of giving birth to a fully mature baby or grown child. Perhaps an older baby or child seems less threatening than a fragile newborn to the inexperienced mother. Donna thought the adult baby in her dream reflected her anxiety that she would have to go back to work and would therefore miss her child's growing up.

Early in pregnancy, first-time moms rarely know much about the childbirth experience, and they often feel apprehensive. The combination of hopes for an easy delivery and an incomplete understanding of the actual process can lead to dreams of the baby "popping out" or simply appearing.

Self-consciousness about your changing body

"I am driving a car. At the same time, I carry a spare tire around my waist."
Patricia Garfield's dream while pregnant with her daughter

A woman's feelings about her body may either improve or deteriorate during pregnancy. In my dream, it was obvious that the "spare tire" was my expanding midsection. Driving a vehicle is often a metaphor for the way the dreamer is moving through life at the moment – with the spare tire, my movement was rather clumsy.

Pregnant women frequently picture themselves driving trucks, buses, or other vehicles that are more difficult to maneuver than cars in their dreams, reflecting their perception of awkward movement.

Researchers who have studied pregnant women's dreams note frequent references to buildings, from simple rooms to soaring skyscrapers. The dream buildings are often places where things are made, such as a factory or a shipyard, probably paralleling the "making" of a baby that is taking place inside the woman's body.

Or perhaps pregnant women dream about buildings because they're hypersensitive to their "enlarging inner space." Indeed, the type of building pictured in the women's dreams may increase in size as pregnancy progresses – one researcher found that dream buildings became larger and more complex the closer a woman was to term. (Skyscrapers were especially common.)

Awareness of your amniotic fluid

"I'm in a region, possibly a tropical rainforest. I learn that the projected rainfall is 700 inches! I'm amazed."
Joan's dream

From goldfish bowls to family wash to swelling oceans, a pregnant woman's dreams often feature water throughout her pregnancy. A mother-to-be will often find herself swimming in her first-trimester dreams. When animals appear in first-trimester dreams, they are often aquatic creatures, such as tadpoles and fish.

This water in her dreams possibly depicts an awareness of the water gathering in her womb. Water in dreams may take on a dramatic form as pregnancy progresses.

Toward her due date, a pregnant woman is more likely to dream of water as a symbol of the "breaking waters" that announce imminent childbirth. One woman dreamed at the end of her second trimester of carrying a heavy schoolbag when big ocean waves rose and endangered her.

We begin our lives as water creatures, suspended in a sea of liquid within our mother's womb. A pregnant woman is also drinking fluids for two – herself and her baby. Small wonder that her dreams overflow with images of water.

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