Our site readers' favorite baby shower activities

Our site readers' favorite baby shower activities

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Silly games are all well and good, but some showers just aren't cut out for "guess the girth" or the "baby-food taste-test." If you're looking to fill your guests' time with something a little more sedate – or more artsy – try one of the following activities from other our site users.

Make a keepsake

"Have everyone personalize a baby T-shirt or one-piece outfit. Before the party, buy a bunch of white or light-colored garments and round up a few small, flat pieces of cardboard to slip inside the clothes to make them easier to decorate. Also pick up fabric paint, paint pens, and/or stamps and permanent fabric ink. Have the guests decorate the clothes any way they want – and make sure they sign them. People can take turns stopping by the craft table throughout the shower. When they're done, hang them up to dry on a clothesline or use baby hangers. Buy several different sizes. That way, the gifts last longer as the baby grows out of some and into others."
Variations: Use a crib sheet or, instead of covering the clothes with designs, write a personal message to the baby.

"I went to a shower where we all designed pages to go in a baby book. We used glue sticks, ribbons, glitter, felt-tipped pens, and other craft supplies. It was a great gift for the parents to take home."

"Take Polaroid pictures at the shower and have guests write in the space on the bottom. Then put all of the photos in a mini-album for the mom-to-be. Guests can write advice and/or little notes for the baby to read when she is old enough. We did this at my cousin's shower, and now her baby has a happy, smiling picture of her grandmother, who passed away before the baby's first birthday."

Pass on what you've learned

"At my baby shower, the host had a centerpiece with a variety of cut flowers. At the end of the shower, everyone had to pick out one flower to take home. The catch was that after everyone chose their flower, they had to count the number of petals and give me that many pieces of advice. I received lots of wonderful tips."

"Write the numbers five through 21 down on small pieces of paper and put them in a hat or bowl. Have each guest choose a number and write a letter to the baby to be opened on a future birthday (for example, whoever drew number five would write a letter for the baby's fifth birthday). This works particularly well at showers where the guests are family members or very close friends."

When I host a shower, we make a time capsule for the baby. In the invitations, I ask everyone to bring in something that would fit into a gallon jar. The best items are things for the baby to have or read when he or she is older. People have brought in newspaper articles, written or recorded messages for the baby, photographs, mementos, even jewelry. Anything will work as long as it fits into the jar. Then I glue the jar lid shut. My friend has had hers for her son for ten years now, and they don't remember what is in it at all.

"I went to a shower recently where the hostess gave each guest two beads. Then she passed around a beautiful piece of thread that was knotted at one end. Each guest put one of their beads on the thread and said something that they wished for the expectant mom. After the thread was passed all the way around once, the hostess started it again. This time, she asked each person to put their second bead on the thread and say something they wished for the new baby. When we were finished, the hostess tied the ends together to make a necklace. She told the mom-to-be that the expectant dad should wear it during labor and delivery so that everyone's wishes would come true."

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