Parents say: What are your baby's favorite foods?

Parents say: What are your baby's favorite foods?

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What's your baby's favorite food? Does he like tried and true standbys such as applesauce or O-shaped cereal? Or does his palate prefer sweet potato and salmon? (If you're looking for baby food ideas, see our list of adventurous first foods for babies.)

As your baby's taste buds develop, expect those preferences to change – almost as quickly as you come up with a new dish for him to try. We asked our our site members to tell us about the likes and dislikes of their favorite food connoisseurs.

At 5 months, my son enjoyed eating fruit baby food in the jar until the day I offered him some broccoli baby food from a jar. After that, he wouldn't touch anything that was from a jar or well mashed. So I started to give him roughly mashed potatoes with either peas or carrots. He's now almost 8 months and eats just about everything. His favorite is fruit – watermelon and bananas – but he also enjoys cheese sandwiches and pasta. He thinks salmon is quite a treat, too.

We started our son on solids at 6 months with fresh mashed banana and avocado. He didn't take to it very well at first, but within a few weeks he would have nothing to do with baby food! Now, at 8 months, he finger-feeds himself all sorts of things, including brown rice cakes, O-shaped cereal, pieces of ripe peach, watermelon, and cheese.

My daughter is almost 8 months old, and we waited to start solids until she was almost 6 months. We started with baby oatmeal on her 6-month birthday and followed a few days later with peaches. Now, at almost 8 months, she's ramping up from one to two meals a day to two to three. Her favorite foods are peas, carrots, green beans, and baby oatmeal. She tried prunes this morning for the first time and certainly liked the taste. Over the next few days we'll see how they agree with her tummy.

My breastfed-only daughter didn't begin eating solids until very late. She skipped eating baby food entirely, in fact. She just had no interest in any of it, including baby cereal and the baby strained fruit. She did munch on O-shaped cereal starting around 8 or 9 months. At about 14 months she began eating table food such as peas, broccoli, and raspberries. One of her other first foods was seaweed from our favorite Japanese restaurant. She's now almost 2 1/2, and we couldn't ask for a more varied, healthy eater. She eats whatever we do as long as it isn't spicy hot. I don't have to make any special meals for her, and she loves vegetables, fruit, tofu, sushi, beans, and more. She is very easy to take to restaurants – she eats off our plates!

At 9 months, my baby decided that she didn't want baby food anymore. She switched to finger food such as cooked veggies, small pieces of chicken and turkey, cooked pasta, small chunks of fruit, and cottage cheese. Her favorites are cooked vegetable pasta (the type made from spinach, beets, and carrots) and mozzarella cheese sticks. She's also a big fan of cauliflower and just about every cooked vegetable. She's always willing to try something new.

When it comes to baby food, my 10-month-old has become quite a picky eater. He prefers to eat whatever we do, so we have to be careful about adding salt or spices. He loves Mexican and Chinese food – anything other than baby food! It's tough, because he's still not ready to have chopped foods.

What does my 14-month-old eat? The question should be what doesn't he eat! He particularly likes eggs, corn, watermelon, and onion rings, in about that order. The only meat he won't eat is bacon. He also enjoys cucumbers and cut-up tomatoes, but not lettuce. He likes ketchup, but not mustard. He likes pasta. He'll eat string cheese, but not slices of American. Green beans used to be a staple, but somewhere along the way those made his "toss immediately to the dog" list. He loves yogurt. And he still likes his early favorites: scrambled eggs, refried beans, applesauce, and hot wheat cereal.

I started my son on baby food in a jar at about 5 months. He loved the peaches and applesauce. He didn't get his first tooth until the day before his first birthday so I was pretty timid about feeding him table foods. His pediatrician urged me to get him started and he was right. My son, who will be 2 years old next month, now loves apples. He has to have an apple first thing in the morning and wants at least two more during the day. Needless to say, we make frequent trips to the produce store!

My daughter is almost 2. She started eating solid food at 1 year. She loves anything with spaghetti sauce! She also eats hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, but both have to have ketchup. We have trouble with other meats, but she'll sometimes eat chicken or hamburger made up with sloppy joe mix. I've never heard of a 2-year-old who likes salad, yet my daughter eats a bowl almost every day with ranch dressing on it.

My son started to eat solids at age 8 months. I focused on feeding him different types of veggies to broaden his taste for them. At 20 months, he still likes vegetables, especially broccoli. His favorite snack is carrots or grape tomatoes, and I don't think there's a fruit that he doesn't like. For meat, he mainly eats chicken, turkey, and fish.

My boys both loved sushi as toddlers. I always fed them either veggie, California, or smoked salmon rolls – nothing raw. They're now 5 and 7 and will eat just about everything as long as it isn't too spicy. My 7-year-old's favorite food is Japanese style hibachi steak with fried rice, and my 5-year-old's favorite is veggie lo mein noodles.

Our 5-month-old has been eating baby food from the jar for about five weeks now. He loves peas, likes his carrots and green beans, and is still unsure about cauliflower. He hates applesauce! Next is pears and peaches, and then we'll try prunes.

We only feed our kids table foods (no jars or purees). We love seafood and pastas, and my fourth baby is yet another seafood eater, so since 5 months, she's been enjoying everything very much.

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