How to strengthen your support system

How to strengthen your support system

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Other moms will be a huge source of support and information in the coming years, and now is a great time to start reaching out to them. Here's how:

Take a class. Try any class that draws in moms: prenatal exercise, childbirth prep, infant care, and so forth. If you don't click with anyone, try a different class or switch to a different time.

Find a new-mom group. Get referrals from your doctor or midwife, hospital, community center, or place of worship. Ask other moms if they can recommend one.

Start your own. If you crave a particular kind of kinship—maybe with older or single moms, or women who share your passion for scrapbooking or politics—create your own group.

Check out a La Leche League meeting. You'll meet moms and learn about breastfeeding at the same time. (For a group near you, see

Visit places where parents and kids go. Fertile ground: parks, pools, the zoo, story time at the library.

Look into playgroups. They're a great way to socialize while sharing childcare.

Go online. Our Site's Community hosts hundreds of groups for all kinds of parents. You can check regional forums for moms in your area or join a birth club for moms who share your due date.

Help out other new moms. Volunteer to babysit or drop off a meal—you'll get a taste of what's to come, and they may return the favor when you need it most.

Don't forget your childless friends. They may have kids eventually, but even if they don't, a time will come when you'll be grateful to hang out with people who talk about something besides poop. If they're willing, bring them into the family fold as honorary aunts and uncles.

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