Baby shower games: Door prize games

Baby shower games: Door prize games

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There are lots of creative and cute ways to give away door prizes at a baby shower. Here are a few to try:

How Many?

For this game, the hostess needs a list of all the guests attending the shower. As guests arrive, the hostess asks each person to guess how many bibs or burp cloths (or other common baby items) the mom-to-be will receive, and writes the guess by the person's name. After the gifts are opened, the person with the closest guess wins.

Have a backup question or game to use as a tie-breaker – something as simple as guessing the baby's due date.


This game could be a great icebreaker if your guests don't know each other very well. Ask questions like "Who has the most children?" or "Whose birthday is closest to the mother-to-be's due date?" or even something unrelated to family and kids.

The guests who think they may be the winner pipe up, and whoever wins the most answers to the questions wins the game. That person takes home a door prize, and your guests all get to know each other a little better.

Guess That Baby Food

Get five different kinds of baby food and put each into a separate bowl. Label the bowls from one to five. Have everyone sniff and examine the baby food, then write down a guess for what each one is. The person with the most correct answers wins the door prize.

Don't Say "Baby"

This is a fun game that keeps everyone on their toes as the party goes on.

Put a bowl of diaper pins at the door and ask each person to take one on her way in. When everyone has arrived, announce that the word "baby" is taboo. If you catch someone saying the forbidden word, she has to give you her diaper pin (and any pins she's collected from other guests).

At the end of the party, the person with the most pins gets the door prize.

Dirty Diaper

Before everyone arrives, make little paper diapers that guests can pin to their clothes and wear throughout the shower. (If people don't know each other very well, have them write their name on the diaper and use it as a name tag.)

Here's how to make the diapers:

  • Cut a piece of white paper into a square.
  • Fold the square in half diagonally to create a triangle.
  • Position the triangle so the folded edge is away from you.
  • Grab the bottom point of the triangle and fold it up so the tip is touching the middle of the folded edge.
  • Grab the other two points of the triangle and fold them in along the edge so the tips meet and overlap just a bit. Voilà, a diaper!

Before you fasten the diapers closed with safety pins, put a brown mark in one of them with a felt tip pen. Don't let anyone know which diaper has the "surprise" in it!

At the end of the shower, have guests unfasten the diaper and open it up. The one with the "dirty" diaper gets a door prize.

Thank You Card

If you know the mom-to-be will be writing thank you notes after the shower, this game can help her out.

Buy a box of thank you cards. As guests arrive, ask everyone to write a self-addressed envelope and place it in a bowl. At the end of the shower, draw one of the envelopes at random and award that person a door prize.

After the party, give the blank cards and the addressed envelopes to the mother-to-be. She'll appreciate how easy this makes it for her to send her thank you notes.

Winning Plate

Put a little star or sticker on the bottom of one of the plates you'll use to serve snacks or cake. While guests are eating, ask them to check the underside of their plate. The one with the mark wins the door prize.

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