Toddler game: Robo-parent

Toddler game: Robo-parent

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A fun activity for your toddler

At times, we all may feel a little robotic as we cycle through our daily tasks: change diaper, make food, clean up, change diaper. This game breaks up the routine and lets you become a real robot by performing a silly action each time a different part of your body is pressed. Your toddler will think it's beyond funny, and at the same time she'll learn all about cause and effect.

Good for age: 22 months (but older and younger kids might enjoy it too!)

Skills developed: fine motor skills, cause and effect, imagination, taking turns

What you'll need: your acting skills

To get into robot mode, walk around making jerky, machine-like movements with your arms, legs, and head. Say to your toddler, "Look at Mommy! Mommy's a robot." (If you're feeling especially creative, talk in a stilted, robot-like voice.)

Then move down to your toddler's eye level and demonstrate how your "controls" work. Use your index finger to press your nose, while sticking out your tongue at the same time.

Tug your right ear, and move your tongue to the right. Tug your left ear, and move it to the left. Put a hand on top of your head and open your eyes really wide.

Next, let your child direct your movements. Gently press her finger to your nose several times. She'll get the idea when she sees you stick out your tongue each time. Help her tug your ear to see your tongue move to the side, and so on.

Soon your curious toddler will be trying out your controls for herself. Make up as many as you like, but be sure to do the same action each time.

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