Fredo Fox in a center for children with disabilities in Nicaragua

Fredo Fox in a center for children with disabilities in Nicaragua

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In countries with resources, children who have a disability have the possibility of receiving more attention to improve their learning and acquire skills, they can go to the physiotherapist to gain mobility or have access to a speech therapist to stimulate language.

Nevertheless, Have you ever wondered what life is like for a child with a disability in a country without resources? Obviously it is much more difficult, although today we would like to present you a project in Nicaragua that works to improve the quality of life of children, an initiative worthy of admiration.

Our friend Fredo Fox, the solidarity fox that travels the world to publicize different solidarity projects, has come to Nicaragua to visit the Comprehensive Center for Happy Heart Development.

From GuiaInfantil it seems important to us to publicize this project, since all the people who collaborate both with donations and working from within, try that boys and girls with different capacities, can develop their skills to the fullest.

During the tour of the center, Fredo Fox will show us how children from 0 to 5 years old do psychomotor exercises with the body, hands, feet or eyes. What's more, they teach them to be able to communicate. In the video that we show you, you will see how you not only work with the child, but also with the parents, so that they can repeat at home what they learned at the center.

Happy Hearts also cares for school-aged children with disabilities to help them learn and enhance their skills. And, they do not forget those over 18 who are taught to work in order to find a job.

Have you seen everything that a little help from everyone can do? Solidarity is a very important value because thanks to cooperation, people with fewer resources can have a slightly fuller life.

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