The best hotels and restaurants in Venice for children

The best hotels and restaurants in Venice for children

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When we decide to travel with children, finding suitable accommodation is one of the most important tasks in the preparations. In Venice, due to the difficulty of finding something good, central and cheap, this task is especially difficult, so check our tips and be patient.

With regard to food, the matter is quite different. It is not usually a cheap place to eat, quite the opposite, but it is possible to eat rich and at affordable prices if we search and compare.

Venice Family Hotels

Finding accommodation in Venice is not easy if your budget is tight. Venice has a wide range of hotels, apartments and hostels but unfortunately they are quite expensive.

The ideal is to sleep on the island of Venice itself, as close as possible to San Marcos Square, since it is the epicenter of all the tourist activity in the area. However, Venice is easily explored on foot, so staying in other areas of the island such as Castello, Dorsoduro, San Polo or Cannaregio are also great options.

If what you are looking for is something special, you are in luck. In Venice you can enjoy a luxurious stay in exceptional palazzos that you will remember forever.

If, on the other hand, you are looking to save as much as possible, look for a hotel or apartment on one of the nearby islands such as Lido or Murano. Of course, when doing the math, also take into account the cost of transporting the vaporetto to Venice.

The cheapest option of all, although not suitable for all families, is camping. Venice has several campsites within 10 to 20 kilometers.

Hostels, however, are not a highly recommended option in Venice due to their high cost.

Venice is expensive. And eating is no exception. If we want to eat well and in a nice corner, we will have to pay for it. Of course, looking, it is also possible to find other cheaper options.

Italian gastronomy is one of the favorites of children, so in any restaurant they will be delighted to eat any of the many pasta or pizza dishes. Venice is strongly linked to the sea, so good quality fish and shellfish are also abundant.

Other typical dishes are risotto, Carpaccio and organ meats, especially Venetian liver.

A word of advice: in some restaurants the cover and service are included in the price, but not in others. Consult it before opting for one or another establishment since the cutlery costs between one and three euros and the taxes vary between 10% and 15% of the bill.

One of the recommendations to enjoy an idyllic coffee in Venice is to sit on the terrace of Café Florian or Café Quadri to calmly savor a tasty expresso in Saint Mark's Square. Of course, the location has a high price, so you can opt for many other cozy cafes and tempting pastry shops.

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