Santa Vicenta's Day, June 28. Names for girls

Santa Vicenta's Day, June 28. Names for girls

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Vicenta is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means "the winner". It is a name of exceptional beauty that has fallen into disuse with the passage of the steps.

However, it can be perfect for your daughter today that so many old names are beginning to be revitalized, thus giving them a touch of originality. He celebrates his name day on June 28, which is the day of Santa Vicenta.

Due to the meaning of her name, Vicenta exudes success and courage. She has a charismatic personality that is charming in any social circle, and her intelligence and wit make her stand out from the rest. Vicenta is also sensitive and loving, becoming the central figure in the family.

The name Vicenta, like its masculine Vicente, is known throughout the world. However, if Vicente has devastated in many times and places, the same has not happened with Vicenta. That is why today is the best time to refresh the tradition and bring back those old names full of beauty and meaning.

We meet numerous personalities named after your daughter. The world of letters has produced numerous women named Vicenta, such as Vicenta Maturana, Vicenta Moguel or Vicenta Castro Cambón.

But we also have actresses like Vicenta Ndongo or Maria Vicenta Isbert. Although if the popularity of this name increased in its day it was thanks to the Argentine satirical magazine called "Tía Vicenta".

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