Excursions, leisure and trips with children

Excursions, leisure and trips with children

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Going on excursions with the children on weekends and long weekends is a very healthy leisure alternative for the whole family. The experiences in nature will be unforgettable for everyone, especially if you like to enjoy the outdoors in the middle of nature. We propose some guides where you can find ideas to go on an excursion with your children.

1. Children's stations. Alternative family leisure guide
An alternative leisure guide so that the whole family can enjoy their free time with proposals suitable for any time of the year, organized by seasons and adjusted to all types of pockets. 100 different, informative and original leisure offers, most of which are unknown to the general public. Ideas for when it's cold, raining, snowing or hot, because there is nothing better than knowing what to do when you need it most.

2. Traveling with children in Spain
Miguel Jiménez de Cisneros
This book describes more than 500 places in which our children will enjoy: zoos and aquariums, planetariums, botanical gardens, science museums, or motorcycles, or cars, and natural landscapes, amusement parks or water parks for sweltering summer days. The most suitable hotels are recommended, due to their characteristics or their price, to travel with the family. It also includes a series of fundamental practical advice for those who decide to travel our country "with the children in tow."

3. Rural houses to go with children
Various Authors
Most users of rural houses are families looking for accommodation with space and conditions to enjoy a quiet and safe vacation with children, in contact with nature. This guide has taken these circumstances into account when selecting the rural houses that comprise it: the establishments mentioned are rented as a whole and are equipped for the independent use of several people, they have their own land in which the little ones They can play safely and offer the possibility of sports, outdoor or recreational activities in the house or in its surroundings. The houses are also suitable for groups of friends. The guide provides individualized commentary on all the establishments, as well as up-to-date information on rooms, facilities, services and prices. It also includes a road map with the location of each of the houses.

4. The 100 best campsites in Spain
Aradillas, José María Íñigo
This guide, illustrated with more than 300 magnificent photographs, brings together the 100 best campsites in Spain, commented one by one. Each campsite is extensively treated, with a detailed description of all the practical information and services it offers. It includes a map of Spain with the location of all the selected campsites and specific maps of each of them. It also offers routes in the surroundings so as not to miss anything of interest.
A cheap and comfortable way to travel is camping. Many people choose this option on their vacations. If this year your destination is Spain, and your way of traveling is the caravan, here is a selection of the 100 best campsites in Spain.Not only will you find all the detailed and updated information, since the edition is from this year, of the campsites but also suggestions of tourist routes through the chosen area, with complementary maps. It is a good option and is a good guide.

5. Excursions with children in the Basque Country. Great routes
Juanjo Alonso
This guide proposes 20 excursions on foot specially adapted to do with children through Cantabria, a community where beach and nature are perfectly harmonized, the ideal combination for traveling with kids.Although designed for the little ones, the guide is aimed above all at parents and adult companions, providing them with different materials to organize the excursion in the most interesting way for children, while combining the purely sporty aspect of hiking- with topics and activities related to nature and the rural environment.

6. Excursions with children from Madrid
Various Authors
With the same orientation and characteristics as Excursions with children from Barcelona, ​​this guide proposes 20 walking tours specially adapted to be done with children, in this case taking the city of Madrid as a reference center. Although designed for children, the guide is directed especially to parents and adult companions, providing them with different materials to organize the excursion in the most interesting way for children, while combining the purely sporting aspect - hiking - with themes and activities related to nature and the rural environment.

7. Excursions with children from Barcelona
Various Authors
This guide proposes 20 walking excursions specially adapted for families with young children, in places close to the city of Barcelona. All the routes are easily accessible, they are developed by marked and safe paths and their distance, unevenness and duration depend on the capacity of the little ones. In addition, activities and games are proposed that make the excursion more enjoyable while instilling respect for nature.
The excursions are designed for a single day, although accommodation and restaurants are recommended, as well as visits to the surroundings, in case you want to extend your stay.

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