Christmas story books for children

Christmas story books for children

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Christmas tales, stories and legends are a good tool to remember and know the meaning of the Christmas holidays. There are stories and tales for all tastes. our site has selected some books for children. Books that speak of the meaning of Christmas, of values ​​as intrinsic as solidarity, friendship, kindness, etc. A book can also be a good gift for the little ones in the house.

Compilation of eight Christmas stories written by Enid Blyton. Children, fairies, toys and elves are the protagonists of these stories full of fantasy and warmth that bring young readers to the magical world of Christmas.

A story about the importance of love, family and friendship in our lives. It's Christmas Eve, it has snowed, and in my house everything is ready to welcome my friends and relatives. It will be a dinner to lick your mustaches! But ... wow! Suddenly everything changes and I discover that I have to spend Christmas alone with my little red fish Hannibal. I am melancholic. What's more, sad. What's more, desperate! But walking through Ratonia under the snow I meet many new friends, and when I return home I discover a tender surprise, tender ... more tender than a cheese!

A Christmas full of mystery brings us Santa Claus this year. What will be the secret that you have kept for us? A tender story to enjoy Christmas.

The inhabitants of the garden believe that the Quince Pixie is, in fact, Santa Claus. At first, he tries to convince them of his mistake, but they turn a deaf ear. But when his friends the bugs start to go out of their way for the little man with the white beard, he begins to take a liking to being Santa Claus, even if it's not true. But Christmas night arrives and he begins to despair because he has no gifts for his neighbors. Therefore, he decides to improvise. How will the real Santa Claus react to the impostor?

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