Books on discipline and limits to children

Books on discipline and limits to children

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1. How to speak so that your children listen to you
Elaine mazlish
Stop fighting with their children! Mothers, fathers, and professional educators have made these authors' book an indisputable success for one reason: Their techniques work.

They offer robust, friendly and, above all, effective methods. They are innovative means of solving common problems such as: listening to and understanding children's concerns; encourage family collaboration ... without burdening anyone; respectfully address the feelings of young and old ...

2. Limits to children
Cornelia Nitsch, Cornelia Von Schelling
Are you one of those parents who, for fear of being too authoritarian, you resist imposing limits on your children?

Or do you want to be consistent with your children when it comes to the rules, but don't know how to do it? Children need affection, but also clear limits to feel safe and protected, orient themselves properly, find support, experience union with the family, have confidence, courage and autonomy to become adults.

3. Freedom and limits, love and respect
Rebecca Wild
If in her previous books Rebeca Wild emphasized the importance of providing children with the possibility of giving themselves freely to their own development processes and of carrying out the appropriate activities for this in a prepared, active, free and non-directive environment, in this work , the author emphasizes the need to complement this freedom with useful and logical limits.

4. Happy children
Alice Banderas
Until not many years ago, child psychology was based on the treatment of psychological disorders focused on the most negative aspects, deficits and pathologies. Today we know that it is just as or more effective to enhance the positive qualities of children, their virtues and their strengths.
In her new work, Alicia Banderas makes use of her experience to help and teach parents and all those involved in the world of education, to undertake the exciting task of helping children to strengthen themselves so that they can fight for their own happiness. Happy Children presents numerous practical cases treated by the author, and reflects on the most innovative theories of the emerging positive psychology; all this written in a clear, direct and simple language.

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