The death of a child without a belt could be considered homicide

The death of a child without a belt could be considered homicide

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Children no longer have a school and many parents have our bags packed to spend a few days off with our children at the chosen destination. If you are one of those drivers who are going to hit the road accompanied by your whole family, take precautions behind the wheel and, above all, buckle up your children.

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) foresees 14.4 million trips by road for Easter, between Friday 15 and Monday 25 April. Although the accident rate on the roads continues to decline and that so far in 2011 there have already been 9 days without fatalities, Traffic warns that, during the Easter holidays last year, there were 41 fatal accidents in which 44 people died, an average of 4.2 deaths per day.

However, the good news is that 2011 will be the eighth consecutive year in which the number of deaths in traffic accidents has decreased. To date, the provisional death toll on the roads has already been reduced by 8 percent compared to the same period in 2010, with 29 fewer deaths in accidents. To continue in this line, the 2011-2020 Road Safety Plan it has also been marked the goal of reducing to zero the number of children who lose their lives on the asphalt because they are not seated correctly in an age-appropriate seat with a seat belt. Of the 76 children who died last year on Spanish roads, 40 were not wearing restraint or protection systems, and the charges of homicide against parents who, through negligence, have caused the death of a child who were traveling without a seat belt are under study. . About 50 prosecutors, who have participated in the Annual Conference of Road Safety Prosecutors, in Santiago de Compostela, they are studying to accuse a crime of murder or reckless injuries to a driver, in the event of an accident, in which minors die or are injured by not wearing a seat belt or lacking any restraint. Prosecutors consider that it is the driver's responsibility to put a seat belt on minors who travel in the vehicle because the child is "completely defenseless" and is not aware of the importance of this security system. In principle, these measures Penalties will be applied as a "last resort" and the case will be referred to the Prosecutor of the Juvenile Coordinating Chamber in the case of people linked to the minor by parental ties or perform functions of guardian. With this dissuasive measure, parents must take ourselves seriously teach children to always sit in their approved safety seat, make sure before leaving that it is properly secured and check that the child is wearing the safety harnesses. Avoid trouble, put your child on the belt.Marisol New.

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