The baby boom of the World Cup

The baby boom of the World Cup

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It is now nine months since some demographic experts predicted a 'baby boom' on the occasion of the goal that gave Spain the victory in the World Cup in South Africa. Some daring people even started making T-shirts with a design alluding to this demographic peak that relates football to babies, who now plan to sell again and make their fortune.

Paradoxes of life, one of the first to join the list of the 'baby boom', has been Andrés Iniesta himself, responsible for the great goal that made the Spanish team champion of the world of football and who has been a father about 12 years ago days. His daughter Valeria is considered precisely one of the members of that 'baby boom' that is being talked about so much these days.

And it is that the victory of the World Cup in South Africa 2010 was the spark of the explosion of joy, which many couples celebrated in the bedroom. But before we also celebrated the semifinals, the quarters and in the middle of everything, for many, the World Cup also coincided with the holidays, a very propitious moment to conceive, given the relaxation with which we take these days off. The final figure for the demographic peak that the 'baby boom' will register in Spain remains to be seen. Some experts, the most pessimistic, say that despite everything, the crisis is going to dampen incentives like this, that they come in handy, because our population pyramid is increasingly diminishing. Now that we can take care of the children we want, that we plan to increase our family based on our income, stable work, the possibilities of combining work and family life, many of these children from the World Cup 'baby boom' have been more of a surprise , than a search. However, the reality is that soccer and sexual desire go hand in hand. Without going any further, we can remember the goal, also by Iniesta, at Stamford Bridge, in the Champions League semi-final, which led to a festive and intense outbreak of Barcelona's sentiment among the Catalans, which had its repercussion nine months later. After this time, Barcelona hospitals saw births increase by 45 percent. Chance or consequence? It is difficult to establish, but the parallelism is, to say the least, curious. The optimism, well-being, joy and the feeling of triumph of society, after nine months of the victory of the Spanish soccer team in the World Cup in South Africa, coincides with a slight rebound in the birth rate in Spain. And the truth is that this 'baby boom' may be the result of the celebration of the goal by Andrés Iniesta, which gave the victory to the red as the trend to a greater number of births nine months after the summer holidays. In Spain, 1,350 children are currently born every day. Marisol New.

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