More than 3.6 million unique visitors to

More than 3.6 million unique visitors to

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. breaks audience record in the month of March! Our magazine was consulted by 3.633.554 Unique visitors, with 11,873,024 page views, in just one month, according to data provided by Nielsen and pending audit by OJD. In other words, that means that we are being consulted by more than 130 thousand unique visitors per day. What is good news? A great result that we want to share with you because, after all, you are the one that pushes us and stimulates us towards our goals, right?

Thanks to your interest and trust, our magazine grows day after day. Thanks to the support, participation and collaboration that you place in our work, we are managing to make our site the magazine with resources for parents, Spanish-speaking, most read and consulted in many places and, what is better, in many homes and by many, many families. That is what it is all about. Audience data is measured by Nielsen and audited by OJD (Information and Control of Publications S.A.).

We are deeply grateful to everyone for the comments and the innumerable expressions of affection and encouragement that are collected in the contents of our forums, blog, our video channel on YouTube, as well as in our profiles on different social networks such as Twitter and Facebook , where this week we already gathered more than 34 thousand fans. We continue to grow and remain faithful to the commitment to always have our eyes oriented to the interests of the readers of our site, as well as their ideas and information on health, education, pregnancy, baby names, family trips ... so in demand for children and families. That is our way of thanking you.

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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