With one click, children can clean and recover a beach

With one click, children can clean and recover a beach

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Soon it will be summer and many families will sign up to enjoy the sea, the beach, the vegetation ... nature. On the beach of Tamarit (Tarragona), in Spain, it will be no different. Like many others, this beach needs to be clean and ready to receive children and their families. With this in mind, the staff of a chain of hypermarkets, together with those of the NGO Acción Natura, are carrying out an environmental action to recover this beach. It would be nice if the children also participated in this task.

Accessing the project microsite One click = a help for the beach of Tamarit, you will be able to learn how to go to the beach in person and thus help plant sea lilies and prickly reeds in the dune cord of the beach. However, if you personally cannot go to the beach, you can help and participate in this project, in a fun and curious way, with just a virtual gesture. With one click, the user will be able to clean, plant in a real way and recover the dune area of ​​the beach, so ruined by human activity for a long time. Apart from that, you can leave a message of support by email, twitter or facebook, which will appear next to the reed or sea lily that you have planted.

In person, the beach clean-up and reforestation project will be carried out on Saturday, April 10. Rows of native species such as sea lilies and prickly reeds will be planted next to the sea, to prevent erosion of the areas near them. These dunes, in addition to protecting the area from the wind, will contain the sea water and filter the rain. Then, when the rehabilitation of the area is finished, through a video, the result of everyone's collaboration will be seen, the before and after. It is expected, according to the creators of the project, to carry out other environmental actions such as bird banding in the Dehesa de Abajo (Seville, Spain), where we can also get involved to achieve a more sustainable world. What does it take that together we can create a new ecosystem with its fauna and flora, right? Clara Salinas placeholder image. Editor of our site

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