Babies in diapers and talkative: a real hit on the Internet!

Babies in diapers and talkative: a real hit on the Internet!

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If you stop and observe your baby, you will surely come to the conclusion that your little one is always communicating with you. A look, a cry, a smile, babbling ... The language of babies, as well as everything they do, at all times becomes something special, new and charming for parents. And the affection is so much for the children, that they do not spare time to record videos of their cuteness and publish it on the net. Surely this is the case of the parents of the latest babies who are causing a sensation on the Internet.

I mean these precious 17 month old twin babies, still in diapers, chatting with each other. Among so many 'ta, tata, ta, tata ...' I could not unravel what they are discussing. Sometimes they seem to smile, other times to get angry, but the truth is that they have a very distracted and funny time. The stage, the kitchen of his house, in front of the refrigerator. The language, a "language" unknown to the grown-ups but very fluent for the two little ones. Nothing more attractive, right? Right now there is an invasion of babies on our screens. We can find images and videos of babies everywhere, laughing, crawling, crying, sleeping, swimming, eating ... and arguing as in this case. Just to give you an idea of ​​how successful this video is on the Internet, in just one month that it has been posted on the Internet, it has already received almost 14 million visits. That is proof that a baby's charm and fame can come before they take their first steps, complain about their first teeth coming out, or before they go out of diapers.

Well, I am not entertaining you anymore. The best thing is that you watch the video. See if you can understand what these creatures are talking about and then tell us. You're going to love it!Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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Video: The Talking Twin Babies, Translated (July 2022).


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