Babies: Biggest Stars of Internet Videos

Babies: Biggest Stars of Internet Videos

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Babies' first expressions are always so natural and spontaneous that everything they do makes us' drool ', literally. Nothing is more charming and fascinating for parents than seeing how their baby reacts to everything that happens around him. There is nothing more gratifying than to come across some of these hilarious videos. They make our day!

The latest video, that of a five-month-old baby, is causing a real revolution on the Internet. In this video, Emerson, as the little boy is called, goes from being scared and making his eyes like "saucers" to laughing out loud at one moment, when he watches his mother blow her nose. It is the most viewed baby video on YouTube today. In just a week since it was uploaded to the network, it has already been seen by almost 10 million Internet users.

Like this video, there are a lot of babies on the Internet who make us smile, laugh, make us raise our eyebrows, scare us, make us feel sorry, move us, excite us, make us uneasy ... Aside from being funny and curious Whatever they are, the videos portray the wonderful innocence and simplicity of babies. After all, anyone who has had a baby knows that everything that is seen in the videos has ever experienced it too. There is a lot of identification. At my house, whenever we can, we watch a video we made of our daughter when she was a baby, how she enjoyed bathing and when I "smeared" her with moisturizing cream and massaged her little body. The laughter and laughter that she gave were like balm for us at the end of each day. It was his way of communicating with us and telling us that he was very comfortable. You can find everything in terms of baby videos on the Internet. Babies who talk by the elbows, laughing babies, baby faces when they suck on a lemon, babies sleeping with their dad, etc. As you can see, a menu for all tastes. Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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