The happiest Japanese father in the world

The happiest Japanese father in the world

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In the midst of tragedies and catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes ... Three days after last Friday, when the northeast of Japan was hit hard by a large earthquake, a father managed to recover his baby from barely four months old, alive, among the rubble and mud of the place where they lived.

Although all the forecasts made the Japanese self-defense forces believe that the girl was dead, her father continued, as long as the body of his daughter was not found, looking for his little girl among the ruins of the city of Ishinomaki (Miyagi). It had already been three days since the great earthquake that struck northeast Japan, when a member of the self-defense forces of this country found the whereabouts of the girl who, without any help and surrounded by destruction, survived the earthquake, tsunami and abandonment. What is incredible?

In daddy's arms A few minutes after they found the girl, the little girl has been able to return to her father's arms. Can you imagine what this father felt when he saw that his daughter, despite everything that happened, was still alive and well? What happens in a second can both represent the ruin of a life and its renewal. Lessons in life can also be learned from miseries, lessons in hope, fortitude and persistence. Like this father, many others also experienced the same happiness when they were reunited with their children, safe and sound, after a tragedy. I remember that a few years ago, after a powerful earthquake that shook southwest China, the building that housed a school collapsed, burying teachers and students. Among the shattered walls and collapsed roofs, a pair of parents managed to find their son alive. Seeing their son with half his body buried in the rubble, the parents could be heard saying: "Don't worry, sonny, mom is here and she will get you out.". Scenes like these teach us that in all situations of difficulty and despair, there are not only deaths to mourn for, but lives to fight for. When they found her, the four-month-old girl was crying, she was dehydrated, with signs of hypothermia, but she was alive. Its discovery has given a great boost to the search work. This is the case when a baby is born into a family. They fill us with new energy. Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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