Pregnant women and babies: those most affected by radiation in Japan

Pregnant women and babies: those most affected by radiation in Japan

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Do you live in a municipality that is part of an area of ​​a nuclear power plant? After the nuclear alarm in Japan, it is inevitable to transfer reality to our daily existence and ask ourselves if this risk can also exist at home. Babies, children, and adolescents are most affected by radiation because their cells are developing and growing rapidly. Radiation increases the number of miscarriages and malformations in fetuses of pregnant women.

The health effects of radioactivity are worrisome. When the cells of the body are affected by high doses of radioactivity they are burned, but if the dose received is small, the damage occurs slowly and in the long term. The organs that suffer the most from radiation are skin, eyes (blindness), and the male and female reproductive system. The bone marrow and the thyroid gland may be other organs affected, along with the blood, which is affected by a significant loss of white blood cells.

If a person suffers a dose of about 500 mSv they may experience nausea and dizziness. Injuries to the spinal cord and other internal organs occur from 1,000 mSv and if the dose received exceeds 7,000 mSv, death is certain.Radioactive contamination can also leave a terrifying string of diseases and malformations in the population during the next 20 years. The Fukushima nuclear power plant, in the northeast of Japan, has reached level 6 of nuclear alert, according to the International Scale of Nuclear Events (INES), which considers as a maximum category 7. Contaminated Japanese can suffer alterations in the DNA of its cells, which would give rise to congenital mutations and malformations in future generations, as well as cancer, leukemia and lymphoma. And in Spain, what happens? After listening to Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has a PhD in Physics, take drastic measures in her country such as shutting down seven of Germany's oldest nuclear power plants and postponing the decision to extend the life of the 16 German nuclear power plants for three months, here the debate has been opened on whether the policy on nuclear energy is obsolete and if the time has come to take the necessary precautions to be prevented from a possible disaster. Currently, in Spain, there are 9 nuclear reactors that supply energy to the country and they are located in Burgos, Cáceres, Guadalajara, Tarragona and Valencia, apart from the nuclear fuel factory in Salamanca and the nuclear waste storage center in Córdoba. While those responsible for the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) met without making further statements, some residents and workers in these areas declared yesterday on television that 24 years ago, that is, almost a quarter of a century, that no information campaign has been carried out to the neighbors about how they should act and protect themselves in the event of a radioactive leak that could endanger their health It seems common sense to inform, for the good of all, by conducting annual trainings so that citizens can protect themselves in the event of a radioactive leak, building bunkers and informing neighboring neighbors of their location and campaigning on the amount of iodine that each individual should take, according to their age, in the event that they have been exposed to radiation, since apparently iodine is capable of absorbing part of that harmful radioactivity.Marisol New.

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