The sooner children learn to take care of themselves, the better

The sooner children learn to take care of themselves, the better

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There are books, and happily many, that resemble exquisite food dishes, of which just turning a few pages makes us want to devour them completely. After the enormous success of 'Super healthy monsters', the new book by Valentín Fuster, to teach children to live a healthy life, is one of these books designed not only for children but also for their parents.

When our children are still babies, they sleep well or badly, they eat ... instinctively. Over the years, questions arise and we don't always have the answers. When they ask us why they have to eat, of course, we tell them it is for them to grow. When we tell them that it is important that they practice physical exercises, they look at us and ask: And for what? When we ask them to go to bed because they have to rest, they ask us the same thing. In general, our answers are always the same: "To grow", "to be strong", "to learn" ..., however, they reach 5 or 6 years of age, and these answers no longer convince children. They need something more, something with more consistency, more illustrated and exemplified.

With this book The little science of health, children will be able to know what eating is for, what is the most important meal of their day, why they should always keep their teeth clean, etc. Cardiologist Valentín Fuster reveals the keys to a healthy life in these small topics and he does so through games, comic strips, recipes, questionnaires, verses, short stories ... nothing more attractive, close, useful and original for the little ones of the house.

Through this book, a children's adaptation of the best seller 'The science of health', the cardiologist distributes his advice on the importance of hygiene or rest and nutritional needs in a very entertaining and fun way, and with a lot of humor , Because humor is healthy too! The reading of the book ends with a self-test that will assess whether the young readers lead a balanced life. Do not miss... The little science of health Valentín Fuster, David Circi Editorial Planeta. If you want to buy a copy of this book, you can do it HERE.

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