Japanese children will have a cozy home again

Japanese children will have a cozy home again

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Viewing the images of Japan, we have all been moved, shaken and alarmed, but if there is something that has surprised me, it has been to see the catastrophe on the faces of my children when they contemplate the tsunami images. 'Is the sea water drowning all the people who are in your house?', My children asked me, who could not take their eyes off the television.

The japan earthquake 8.8 degrees on the Richter scale, then the tsunami and now the nuclear risk for the population, it has overwhelmed us all at the magnitude of the natural disaster. Of course, nature can be very cruel when she wants and reduce to ashes everything that has cost years of effort and work.

But if there is something admirable in all this, it is the spirit of Japanese society in the face of the disaster, the personal integrity of a hardworking people, which bases its growth on effort and is now giving the world a lesson in courage. I have been impressed by the statements of many survivors when describing their feelings during the earthquake and their fear of the tsunami, narrating what they experienced with an unusual integrity, or at least nothing common for us Westerners, who tend to dramatize everything. How will they do it? What kind of linden do the Japanese take to be like this, to face the vicissitudes of life in that way? We all know that their daily routine is very measured and organized, in terms of schedules, above all. Her punctuality enhances the architecture of her daily life from the moment when, for example, the train always passes on the dot, never at minute 59 or 01. So, if I were Japanese, I suppose it would be hard for me to leave of that millimeter security to fully enter into the chaos that the earthquake has caused. Living it with that patience is worthy of admiration. In many homes there is no electricity or running water, food begins to fail and the general feeling leaves no room for nerves or hysteria. We have to go back to work, said a surviving woman the other day on television, we have to do it for our children. Japanese children will once again have a country and a welcoming home. The whole world has turned upside down sending aid for them. Thanks for the lesson received.Marisol New.

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